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Introducing the Patient Navigator

Covenant Health Network Senior Care in Motion Partners are excited to announce the addition of the Patient Navigator. The Patient Navigator is a team of professional nurses who will provide field- base case management services for the clients served. Patient Navigators work with discharge planners, admission coordinators, resident service managers and healthcare providers ensuring your clients move safely through the continuum of care.

The Patient Navigator becomes the main source of contact for the client. They build a strong relationship with the client helping them to stay engaged in their medical care, adhere to medication and treatments, and remove barriers to care by identifying and implementing needed resources.

The Patient Navigator becomes a critical member of your team. They will assist and execute discharge planning, ensuring services ordered are delivered timely, appointments and transport are managed and most importantly ensure changes in client’s condition are identified and measures are implemented to decrease the need for hospitalization. As a member of your team, the Patient Navigator will routinely keep you updated on client’s status and ensure utilization of organization’s alternate care sites if condition warrants change in level of care.

The Patient Navigator will deliver services that are aligned to the organization’s mission, vision, and values. They will adhere to the professional standards of care, infection control and assist in emergent situations, as necessary.

Covenant Health Network Senior Care in Motion Partners continue to recognize the value of the clinically integrated delivery model; with the addition of the Patient Navigator your organization and client needs will be more readily communicated, and services will be timely implemented.

If more information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact Diane Kubala at or call 603-287-0484.


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