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Your Generosity Makes a Difference

Support Covenant Health Network

Why Donate?
Your donations directly contribute to these life-changing initiatives. By supporting our retraining program, you help refugees build new lives in a respected and necessary profession. Your contribution to our emotional health programs ensures our staff are cared for, allowing them to continue their invaluable service to their communities.

Help Retrain Refugees as CNAs

  • Objective: To provide opportunities for refugees to start a new life with dignity and purpose.
  • Impact: Refugees receive essential training to become Certified Nursing Assistants, aiding them in building a stable, rewarding career while addressing the critical need for healthcare professionals.
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Supportive Friend

Support the Emotional Health of Frontline  Healthcare Workers

  • Objective: To support the mental and emotional well-being of our frontline workers.
  • Impact: Frontline workers receive vital emotional health support through programs designed in collaboration with Louisiana State University, ensuring their resilience and capacity to provide the best care.
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