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  • Regulatory/Compliance

  • MDS

  • Mock Surveys

  • Wound Care

  • Antibiotic Stewardship

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Nurse Leadership Training & Coaching

  • Clinical Education

Chess Pieces Close-up


  • SNF Analysis & Decision-Making for Terminating Services

  • Provider Network Creation & Development

  • ISNP / IESNP Program Design & Management

  • Payor Contract Analysis 

  • Managed Care Contract Strategy

Data Processing

  Quality Improvement  

  • Five-Star
  • Quality Deep-Dive Analytics
  • Program Evaluation
  • Transparency of Data
  • QAPI Program Design & Coaching
  • Design of Pilot Projects
  • Grant writing


  • SNF Specialization (Behavioral Health, Vent/Trach, etc)

  • Change Management

  • Interim management

  • Staff Retention

  • Executive coaching

  • Organizational Culture Assessment & Change

  • Emotional Intelligence Training

Discussing the Numbers


  • Claims & Billing

  • Maximizing Reimbursement

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Back-Office/PBJ Support

Meet the Consulting Team

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