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Focused Infection Control Survey Guidance

January 4, 2021 CMS Updates Focused Infection Control Survey Guidance

CMS is now providing further guidance for the limited resumption of Routine Survey Activities. The rationale for advancing the criteria is due to the increase in availability of methods for the testing of residents and staff, as well as concerns about Residents’ physical and mental decline during the Pandemic. The revised memo is twenty-nine pages in length and addresses multiple key areas:

• Modifies when Focused Infection Control Surveys are conducted.

• Concerns about Residents’ that have Significantly declined during the Pandemic.

• A Frequently Asked Question and Answer section.

• A K-tag Guide to assist surveyors with matching 1135 Blanket Waivers and Flexibilities with the corresponding K-tag(s).

• A F-tag guide with the Partially Waved Regulatory Language vs Blanket 1135 Waiver Language.

In addition, please confirm that your facility is reviewing the current updated documents from CMS as it relates to the LTC Survey Process. LTC Resource and Survey Documents can be found at link below:

If you require any assistance with Infection Control and Survey Compliance, please do not hesitate to contact:

Patricia Manchester RN BSN WCC RAC-CT

VP of Clinical Compliance and Educational Services


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