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Celebrating 25 Years of Matt Luger's Impact

Matt Luger, founder of CHN, has been a guiding light in the senior care industry for a remarkable 25 years. His selflessness and support have left a lasting impression on countless individuals in our field.

To mark this occasion, we're introducing the "Matt Luger Innovation Award" at our annual conference. We invite those whose careers have been touched by Matt's mentorship and kindness to share their remembrances and well-wishes. Join us in celebrating Matt's legacy and the creation of this award in his honor.

Share your stories today, and let's make this tribute truly special.

“Matt has changed my life forever.  He is my mentor and my dearest friend.  Despite his busy schedule, Matt made time to mentor me regularly, as a young LTC leader, and has played a critical role in charting my career path.  He is the smartest person I know in LTC, yet when you are with him, he makes you feel like you are the most important person, because to him, you are.  Matt embodies the qualities we all admire and strive to emulate in a LTC leader.  Matt, today we honor you, and we will strive to build upon your legacy.”

- Nigel Santiago, President of Vincero Hospital

"Matt is a Renaissance man. He knows senior living, long-term care, healthcare delivery, and the complex relationships between patients, payers, and providers with incredible depth, breadth, and insight. Experienced as I was in healthcare, time spent with Matt only deepened and broadened that knowledge and that understanding. Innovation alone is admirable, but innovation and understanding of how to build and do things is what makes a difference. Matt is a thinker, a builder, a doer. It's what talented women and men have done throughout history. They see things as they are and envision a way in which things can be improved and made better. It is their work that enriches life and makes us all better people. In my career, I have not met a better innovator than Matt." - John Snader, President and CEO of Brethren Village

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